Our Mission

Welcome to Amma’s Slokas!

Launching our website in August 2016, we are a Hindu-themed online toy store, but EVERYONE is welcome.

We offer toys that represent the Hindu culture.  For Hindus, we believe that our toys are a positive and fun way to engage our children.  For non-Hindus, we believe our toys provide a way to teach your children about the Hindu culture.

– Every product we sell is designed, developed and produced by us.
– We ensure quality and preservation of our Hindu heritage.

Pre-Order Now!

  • Pre-order prices: 20% discount.  We have reduced the prices from $50 to $40!  Savings: $10
  • Combo-package deal: Purchase both dolls and pay only $75 a 25% discount!  Savings: $25
  • Free Shipping! Please note that we are only setup to ship within the United States at this time. Savings: $10
  • ZERO RISK!  NO Charge until your order ships, but you lock in the special prices!  (We anticipate shipping will occur in 3-4 months.)

By purchasing the dolls we currently offer, you are not only obtaining a toy for PLAY, PRAY and LEARN, but are supporting our efforts to promote the Hindu culture and values and create new products for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Thank you for visiting our store!

We appreciate your patronage!

Amma’s Slokas