About Amma (“Grandmother”)

Our mother, grandmother, our guiding light.  The reason that Amma’s Slokas exists today….Neela Chari. 

Born in Eleru, India (Andrah Pradesh) in 1946, Neela migrated to New York, USA with her husband, Gopi, in the late 1960’s. 


At that time there were only pockets of Indians throughout the country and the only “nearby” temple was located in Pittsburgh, PA.

In the following years, they had three children and were quickly faced with the struggles of raising 1st generation Indian-Americans in the 1970s and 1980s, fondly noted as (“ABCDs” or “American Born Confused Desis”). 

Through weekly poojas, study groups with their circle of friends, story-telling and books, she was able to impart the key values that were at core of her Hindu belief system. 

Fast forward 30+ years and she finds herself in a similar position with her grandchildren, but this time around she finds herself competing with modern technology, and the reality that 2nd generation children have an even harder time relating to their heritage.  Through nightly Prajna sessions with her grandchildren via Skype and FaceTime, she has been able to share the words, but the meaning and importance has not been easily transmitted, even with co-joined effort with her children.


From her desire to share, to pass on to one more generation the values and beliefs that she was raised with and has cultivated over her lifetime, was born Amma’s Slokas. 

And with her guidance, wisdom and spiritual support, and your patronage and help to get the message out, we will be able to achieve her goal and vision, of providing the children of today and tomorrow, new and “modern” ways to relate to and understand Hinduism, its values, culture and belief system, and perhaps even more important, respect and understanding of their heritage!

Our beginnings may humble, but our vision is bold!